Love Hearing Another Woman’s Opinion

Maybe I’m still a teenager at heart, but I love coming across an article talking about sexSurprised Woman positions and it not being porn. This simple article talks about having the woman on top. Good advice in my opinion.

The best part about the article is that the guy’s hot. How often in pictures with articles or commercials on TV, the woman is cute and the dude looks like Woody Allen? No matter how many women he’s slept with, no one can call him sexy or handsome without lying or/and being related to him.

So check this out.


Thanksgiving FeastWith the holidays coming up, I have a dread of all the food. Yep. You read that right. If you know me, you know that rarely turn down a meal. But when the holidays come up, I have a problem with seeing so much food. It’s like mental overload. I’ll fix a plate but nothing will taste good. Maybe deep inside I can’t make up my mind, so my taste buds shut down.

Weird, isn’t it? If it only would do that all the time. Well, at least until I dropped several (a lot) pounds.

I do know I hate eating at buffets or at big functions where the food has been sitting out long enough to become room temperature. Hate that. Yuck! Plus I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen kids play in the food. *shiver*

Keeping On Track

Woman Reading a DiaryA fast pace, well-written book encourages me to write. I get excited and want my books to be just as fun to read.

A book that doesn’t satisfy frightens me; I’m afraid I’ll pick up their bad habits. So, I quit reading and pass it on to the used book store or delete it off my e-reader.

Do you delete books ever?  What are your reasons?

Fresh Air Could Kill You!

photo 2

Glacier from boat

photo 4

Mount McKinley seen from lodge

photo 5

Massive amounts of spruces.

photo 1

Another glacier seen from train

Hubby and I visited Alaska in August. Here are a few pictures we took.

What all did we do there? EVERYTHING! We went whitewater rafting (no, I didn’t fall in the water surprisingly) and sorry no picture of that. They had pictures to buy but I wasn’t in a one. Though you could see some of my hair hiding behind the good-looking guide. No, I didn’t have my arms wrapped around his neck, holding on for dear life. But I was hunkered down low enough to stop myself from falling in. It was so much fun! The scenery was breathtaking. Will I do it again?  HELL, NO! The wet suit made me look and feel like the Michelin man. Click here if you want to see a picture of him (The Michelin man, not the guide. HA!) – remember, no picture of me in that suit. Thank you, God, for small favors. Pun intended.

During our seven days there, we rode on a train twice, bus several times, van, plane, raft, and boat. Crazy, heh? I call it my plane, train and automobile and boat trip.

photo 3

Closer to the glacier (top one)


Yes, a grizzly


A plane similar to the one I crawled in and out of.




Yet another glacier!

One of the most exciting parts of the trip was flying in a small (and I mean tiny) plane around McKinley. It was so beautiful and mind-boggling.

I guess I’ll put more pictures on Facebook to share. I forget how many I took. Over 300 during the whole trip.

So beautiful. We even went 90 miles (end of the road) into the Wilderness on a school bus. Going in we were too fascinated by the wild life and scenery, and it felt like it didn’t take no time. But on the way back, they changed to a “new” bus that nearly shook my brains out. Geez! Everyone was saying, “Huh? Another bear? Forget about it! We want our comfy bed and cushioned chairs, let us get to civilization!” Speaking of civilized, out in the Wilderness, they had places we could stop to use the facilities, rather neat, but gross. They were commodes with holes in the ground. (Made me think of my grandparents’ house when I was a kid.) What can you say? It was the WIL-DER-NESS!

My hubby is in love (with the state). Being the sweet loving supportive wife that I am, I said, “Yes, dear. You can go and live in Alaska . . . if you work throughout the summer.” HA! He knew sending money back home was implied.

We met very few people who actually lived there. Most were from other states. They said they could make enough in the summer (May thru September) to live off the rest of the year. One couple was going to live in Hawaii during the winter months. Whoa!

Anyway, hubby is already planning another trip (I ain’t going). I told him I would be happy to plan a trip to Montana (he wants to go there sooo bad) but me and Alaska have broken up.  Beautiful place, but it takes too freaking long to get there.

Funny thing is I want to go to Australia and that’s a doozy. We’ll see.

Oh, speaking of plane. Flying back wasn’t bad. We left at 1:30 a.m. Yep, that was in the morning. We didn’t arrive home until 5:00 p.m. Sure a 3 hrs difference but that’s still 13 hrs.

Flying up there was the pits. A storm hit Dallas-Fort Worth before we landed and we were one of the last planes to arrive. Our connecting flight was cancelled. They lined us up for a direct but didn’t leave until 6 p.m. and that was after arriving there at 8 a.m. that morning. So it took us from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. to arrive in Anchorage.

Anchorage was a pretty city. One thing about the whole time there, my sinuses didn’t bother me one time. It was great breathing fresh, clean, cool, dry air.

I had a great time and met some nice people (hi, Judi and Jerry). Great vacation. That’s the way to do it.

Special Cover Reveal Elsewhere

tumblr_myfffeXLM61srko8to1_r1_500Usually, I do cover reveals here, but Romance Magicians are having a special September blogfest with giveaways. So go over there. You might win something like a book, gift card, or even a Kindle Fire. Cool, heh?

(Love that picture/gif.)

Click here to check it out.

See you there!

My Thoughts on Wendy’s Book

authorphoto-sideWhen I was on vacation in Alaska, I received a sweet email from my former editor at HarperCollins.  Back in 2011, Wendy Lee had offered me my first (and the second one too) contract with Avon, and we stayed in touch after she left. In the email, she wanted to check on my mailing address as she planned to send her newest book. I was thrilled. During the time we worked together I knew we thought a lot alike and liked the same things about books. She was so easy to work with, and I was certain anything she wrote, I would enjoy.

Her newest book is ACROSS A GREEN OCEAN and coming out February 2015. I’m not sure if the cover on her ARC (advance reading copy) will be on the final one (that’s why it’s not shown here), but it’s beautiful, soothing even. Looks like a painting of pastels, blending of greens and blues.  But it’s a photo of a young man fishing off a pier with mountains in the back ground and the sun reflected in the water, all hazy and soft.  As soon as I reached home, I started reading it. The book was exactly what I needed to read.

For the last few months, I’ve been dissatisfied with the books I normally read. There were a couple I enjoyed, but I felt I was in a rut. I’m a big romance reader and rarely stray from them except when friends insist I read a book they believe to be great. Let’s say they weren’t to my taste.

A friend wanted our book club to read LOVELY BONES because everyone was reading it. So okay. I’ve flexible. I read it. Nothing wrong with the writing, but I HATED the story. Talk about not satisfying, I was horrified by what people loved to read (over 10 million copies sold). A child dies and a serial killer doesn’t get caught. Sorry. I want happily ever after. It might be my romance book mentality, but thank you, I like being that way.  I love it when bad guys go to prison and good guys live happily ever after. Real life may not be that way, but I live real life; I prefer not reading the uglier side of it.

Then another friend actually bought me a book she loved and begged me to read it. She claimed it had romance in it. Okay. I read the book (can’t remember the title) by Lee Child. Hmm, there were aspects of it I liked, the mystery and piecing it together. But the sparse writing was jarring. I could see men enjoying it, though I didn’t care for the way he treated the women in the book. (No. There wasn’t romance in it. There was sex but not romance. My friend tricked me. <g>) The women were furniture, something to show a softer ― yet not enough ― side of John Reacher. By the way, I did enjoy the movie. It wasn’t the same book I read.

Back to Wendy’s newest book. A couple years ago, she’d told me a little about what her book was about and I was intrigued by the story.

Believe it or not, I’m a big lover of reading about family dynamics. Lots of romance novels delve into how family react to each other. Even my books touch on it, especially the last novel, CIRCLE OF DECEPTION.

Wendy’s ACROSS A GREEN OCEAN is about the Tang family and how they each cope with the death of their father/husband and more. The story is written in third person, present tense. Funny thing is I read a couple chapters before I even noticed it. The style is easy to read and pulls you in quickly.

I think each character had something I could relate to:  the mother worrying about her children, and if she could’ve done things differently so the siblings could be closer; the daughter who had done all the right things, but now realizes they weren’t making her happy; and the son. Ah, the son. He’s running away from himself even before his dad passed away.

So much of it fascinated me. The way they reacted to and thought about neighbors, friends, family and co-workers. How the parents wanted to live the American dream, yet didn’t feel comfortable with it. And when the son makes the big decision to go to China to meet his father’s old friend, I read faster to find out what he would learn about his father, and how he handled being in a country where he looked like he belonged but didn’t. All of it pushing me to rush to the end to see what happened next.

I’m not Asian, nor have I visited a country that spoke a language other than my own, yet I know how it feels to be out of my element in a crowd and lose a loved one.

See, my father died the Saturday before I received the book. He’d been having health problems, but his death was sudden. In fact, I was still in Alaska at the time. So as I read, the book allowed me to compare my reactions to my dad’s death as the characters dealt with theirs. Death will do that. Make you look inside and hunt for answers to questions you never knew you had.

As you can tell, I’m not a reviewer.  I’m an author and reader. But this book has so much to offer and I wanted to let others know. I highly recommend it to anyone. Just remember it is not a romance. I will point out the ending was perfect for the book. I was satisfied and that’s saying a lot.

You can find Wendy at her Website.

Visiting Another Blog Today

I’m over at Romance Magicians’ blog today!

Romance Magicians: A Hero’s and Heroine’s Top Five Traits…: Carla’s busy for the next couple of weeks. So she wanted my help in writing her post, and I told her I would on one condition, that s…

Romance Novels and Women’s Expectations

Men worry about romance novels giving women too high of expectations.  Of course, Playboy magazine never did that for men (sarcastic font used here with extra large boobies and tiny ass). I believe that romance novels save a lot more marriages. You ask how?

Women learn . . .

  1. How to give better blow jobs because they realize it turns on both partners. And a better chance he will reciprocate.
  2. Men think differently than women. THANK YOU, GOD! Don’t layer on all our crap. They love sex, food, large screen TVs, sex, sports, food, sex, and sometimes the reverse.
  3. To no longer wait for the man to get them off. Walgreen’s has a great on-line store, just for your health and well-being. Wink-wink.
  4. Sex can be fun, especially when you throw in a few toys or rope (that you just bought from Walgreen’s).
  5. How to demand what makes them happy. Guys have been telling us for centuries that they are not mind readers.
  6.  How to be more romantic. Really and truly, some men are more romantic than us women.

So buy your sweetheart a romance book today! And read it with him/her.  I recommend something hot with a lot of action and adventure mixed in with all that great sex, and whose books do I recommend?  Well, mine, of course! Duh!  LOL!


Final Hi-Res Cover webYAY!  I received some wonderful news today.  CIRCLE OF DECEPTION is a finalist in the Georgia Romance Writers’ Maggies!  This is a lovely big contest. Sure. Not as big as the Ritas (those are like Romance Writers of America’s Oscars). They’re more like the Golden Globes of romance.  LOL!

That’s four for DECEPTION.

(2013 GDRW’s Booksellers Best, 2014 SMRW’s Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, 2014 HODRW’s Aspen Gold, and now 2014 GRW’s Maggies!)


[corrected 8/6/14)

Out of the Blue

MM910001135I think it’s cool that BLUE is such a versatile word.  You can say you’re feeling BLUE. Cheer up!

Or that you’re watching a BLUE film. Naughty, naughty.

That he came out of the BLUE or something kicked it into the BLUE.

It’s not my favorite color, but I just think it’s neat being a color and having so many meanings.

Just me feeling silly. And don’t get me started on other colors, or you’ll have me seeing RED.

(Channeling the late George Carlin here sans cuss words or political satire.)