Getting All Revved Up

How well do you remember things? I forget stuff all the time. So go to Amazon and preorder Hidden Heat. Click here. Presto! On February 16, it will show up on your Kindle or in an email.
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Watching The Voice

If y8251a-adamlevine25e225802599sgirlfriend252cannevyalitsynaandadamlevineinvoguerussiaou don’t know already, I’m a big fan of Adam Levine. I love Maroon 5. And yes, I enjoy Pharrell (talent galore) and Blake (funny!). So watching The Voice makes sense. The blind auditions are the best part (along with Adam).  In fact, Adam is who I based Thorn (HIDDEN HEAT) on. Just had to say it. Now back to my writing (FULL HEAT).