Winners of my 2016 Giveaways! Congratulations!
$10 Gift Card
Jane Cheung
Tewanda Hardy
Jo Shaffer Dawson
Beverly Ross
Shorty’s Wife
Joanne Shaw
Jackie Wisherd
Sandy Haber
Jeanne (catslady5)
L Lam
G R Burton

Copy of Hidden Heat
Kara Rickel Conrad
Lory Watters Ames
JT Cheyanne

Copy of Hidden Heat and BOM cup
Conny Toste
Connie Thompson

Copy of Full Heat
Julia Clare
Cheryl McCullough
Conny Toste
Timitra Cozier-Bobb

Copy of Full Heat and Hidden Heat
Stormie Niblett
Lisa Renfrow

Swag and a surprise (soft back cover of CIRCLE OF DISHONOR and CIRCLE OF DEFIANCE)
Ginger Robertson
Robin Vaught Parrish
Roxanne Witherell
Shadow Kohler
Lisa Kellam

Copy of Circle of Deception

Winners of my 2015 Giveaways!

Congratulations to the following.
$20 Gift Card
Colleen Conklin
Caroline (clferreday)
$10 Gift Card
Pat Fordyce
Joy Isley
L Lam
Catherine Lemanski

The winner of the iPad Mini is Jenn Williams!

Congratulations to Melissa Ruiz, Jenn McElroy, Lory Ames, Karen (@speaks), Denise (reader1951), Glenn (skeeton5), Kat (xoxodis796), Susan (geesusan), Melissa (gashawty10), Sherry Haut, Seanna Yeager

Gift Card:
Congratulations to Caroline (@csibabe06)

Winners of my 2014 Giveaways!

Congratulations to the following winners in 2014 (books):  Karin Anderson, Victoria Soloda, Charlotte Phillips, Janie McGaugh, Louisa Cornell, Ginger Robertson, Mo Daoust, Francine Brown, Nat2am, Jenn McElroy, Ellen, Schultheis319, Ginger, Shanna, L Lam, Shannon, JoAn Varner, Theresa Fischer, Heather Lyba, and Johanna Denton.

Congratulations to Janet Kerr on July 15!  She won CIRCLE OF DISHONOR at Just Romantic Suspense’s Suspense in the Sun Giveaway!

Congratulations to those who won a copy of CIRCLE OF DISHONOR on June 30 at the Christine Glove’s release day party on Facebook: Erica Haglund, Winnie Lim and Bette Platt.

Congratulations to the winners of my Super Book Blast Tour on June 26, 2014.  The following won $25 Gift Cards: DeeJay Sakata and Snarky Mom.  The following won a copy of CIRCLE OF DISHONOR: Erin, Jay Riv, Carol Savoy, Ashley Anne Applebee, D J Sakata, Rita Wray, Shannon, Angela Adams, Mary Preston, Virginia, Elise-Marie Barton, Laura Thomas, Anna, and Kim Muhl. Click here to see the list of website they commented on.

Congratulations to the winners of my CIRCLE OF DISHONOR Release Party on June 23, 2014. Copies of CIRCLE OF DESIRE: Lindsey Hutchison, LaLani Delk, Ann Waters, and Christy Hilton-Hall. CIRCLE OF DECEPTION: Marta Baez Petrocelli, Ashley Rodgers Oliver and Margaret Hughes. CIRCLE OF DISHONOR: Shewanda Pugh, Jan Van Engen.  Goodies including books, oven mitt “Too hot to handle,” Hello Kitty and lots of swag: LaLani Delk, Cassandra Jones, and Glenn Mattos-Keeton.

And of course, I give away wonderful baskets of goodies at the Southern Magic Romance Readers luncheon and the Heart of Dixie Romance Readers luncheon.

Winners of my 2013 Giveaways!

Congratulations to Tracy Melhinch! She won my three Circle books and swag along with 31 other books by signing up for the Big Giveaway presented by the Southern Magic authors.  YAY!

Denise Preston won a $10 gift card (Amazon) when she commented on my request for help in deciding a book title for a new novella. Congrats!

Alyssa Llanes won a $15 gift card (Amazon) when she answered one of my Anniversary questions. Congratulations!

L Lam won a $25 gift card (Amazon) for answering questions in my Anniversary game on my blog. YAY!

Congrats to Valerie Valicento! She won my three Circle books and swag during the Avon Holiday Party on Facebook!

Congratulations to the 10 Winners of CIRCLE OF DECEPTION on Goodreads:  Keith R. Reardon, Jill Odom, Heidi Turrise Hamelka, Pearl Ford, Janea Carrell, Suzanne Weber, Tania Becerra, Sharyonda Yarbrough, Carlotta West, and Michelli Harrison!

Congratulations to Jennifer Calvert who a won $10 Amazon GC on Twitter by answering a question! And a copy of CIRCLE OF DECEPTION for answering another question. LOL!

Congratulations to the winners (Alexandra Gracia, Pennie Morgan, Melissa Meador, Doreen Alba and Melissa Dealmeida) of the drawing on Goodreads for a copy of CIRCLE OF DECEPTION.

Congratulations to Harmony McCoy. She commented on Intoxicated By Books’ Facebook page and won all three books of The CIRCLE series.

Congratulations to Jenny for commenting during my CIRCLE OF DECEPTION blog tour. She won the first two books in The Circle series: CIRCLE OF DESIRE and CIRCLE OF DANGER.

Congratulations to Diane, Kathy, Shannon, Christine, April, June and Chelsea for commenting during my CIRCLE OF DECEPTION blog tour. They won $10 gift certificates (Amazon or B&N) each.

Winners of My 2012 Giveaways!

Congratulations to Michelle Bledsoe, Billie (hkgunfamily), and Leanna Feazel! They each won a copy of one of my books. They all picked CIRCLE OF DESIRE.

Congratulations to BIG WINNERS from my mailing list, Tessa Bamberg (Finland) and Cathy MacDonald (California). Tessa won a $100 Amazon Gift Card and Cathy won a Kindle Paperwhite!

Congratulations! Tiffany N. York won a $20 Amazon gift card, “Na” won a $10 card and Michel Reinhard won two tickets to the Romance Readers luncheon in Birmingham by commenting on my post at the Romance Magician’s Blog!

Congratulations! The following people won a $10 Amazon gift card on my blog: Maria, Karen, Desere, Beth, and Shelia!

Congratulations to the BIG WINNERS! The following were randomly chosen from my mailing list! Helen McKenna (Australia) won US$50 Amazon Gift Card and Alicia Dean (Oklahoma USA) won Nook Simple Touch

Congratulations to Tina Kouri, Jay Ferguson, and Kai Wong! They won a copy of Circle of Desire on Goodreads!

Congratulations to winners of my book recently on numerous blogs I visited:  Chris, Jane, Kat, Chelsea, Rebecca, Molly, Stephanie, Bonnie, Beth, Christine, June, Elizabeth, Kristi, Colleen, and Erica.

Congratulations to Nancy Luebke, Denise George, and Rebekah Tweed ! They won a copy of Circle of Danger on Goodreads!

I’m sure there are more that I’ve forgotten to add.

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